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Turning the feed for the cows at once gives an even mixture and more peace to the feeder fence . They can also use the time saving that the customer gains with this for other activities at the dairy company .

BVL- V-Mix 22-2S demo feeder truck

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This 22-2S has, among other things, the following specifications:

    - 21.5 cubic meters of content .

    - Suitable for 146 to 166 cows .

    - Passage height of 2.90 meters .

    - Standard double air 215/75-R17.5 tires .

    - Delay Cabinet .

    - Kuipwall 8mm S355 (St . 52-3) high quality steel .

    - Floor plate 20mm S355 (St . 52-3) high quality steel .

    - Lighting with bumper .

    - Fastest Overboiling Ring .

    - 2x EDS dosage left and right for .

    - PICKUP Weight Enrichment .

    We wish our customer a lot of feeding pleasure with this BVL 22-2s feeding truck and thank them for the grant and the trust they put in us!

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