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This BRS 2000 is the largest in the series of cleaners/cutters Flingk has in its supply program . This cleaner has a capacity of 2000 litres and has an empty weight of 1030 kg . This Flingk machine is also equipped with a hardox bottom knife and hardox wear strips . A heavy gear box has been installed so that the hydraulic power is powerfully converted into mechanical power .

Flingk BRS 2000 cleaners/cutters

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In order to make the intake by the cattle more efficient and tasty, the beets should be cleaned and cut .

    Using the BRS, the beets are easily cleaned and cut . Then you can unload it directly in front of the feed fence or into a mixing truck . You can also choose to join the beets during the corn harvest .

    With one double function you can both clean and cut . For faster and improved cleaning, water sprinklers can be installed . The feeder bin on the underside of the machine ensures that sand and or other trash are not found on the passage or property .

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