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PTO performance
Max power:177.6 hp
132.4 kW
Fuel use:9.4 gal/hour
35.6 l/hour
Power at rated engine speed:151.8 hp
113.2 kW
Fuel use:8.7 gal/hour
32.9 l/hour
Power at rated PTO speed:170.3 hp
127.0 kW
Fuel use:9.4 gal/hour
35.6 l/hour
Drawbar performance
Max power:131.7 hp
98.2 kW
Fuel use:8.8 gal/hour
33.3 l/hour
Gear 3A used for power test.
Max pull:15825 lbs
7178 kg

Gear 1E used for pull test.

Massey Ferguson's MF 7719 S Dyna-6

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  • Engine Detail
    turbocharged diesel
    Displacement: 402.5 ci
    6.6 L
    Bore/Stroke: 4.252x4.724 inches
    108 x 120 mm
    Emissions: Tier 4
    Emission control: selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
    Power (gross): 170 hp
    126.8 kW
    Maximum Power: 185 hp
    138.0 kW
    Fuel system: common rail
    Cooling system: electronic viscous fan
    Air cleaner: dual dry element
    Rated RPM: 2100
    Starter: electric
    Starter volts: 12
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